Embracing Winter


Embracing Winter

It was always hard for me to understand people who loved being outdoors in the wintertime. I loved seeing the snowfall from inside my nice warm home, but why would anyone purposely expose themselves to those temperatures?

It turns out I never really learned the concept of layering your clothing. I lived out my teenage years in the San Diego area of California. Christmas Day was usually a bright and sunny 70 degrees… and it was perfect! Who needed a white Christmas when you had beaches and palm trees? Anyway, fast forward thirty years, and I’ve finally mastered the art of keeping warm. And yes, it involves layering… but I digress.

A wonderful new outdoor world has opened up to me now that we live up north – on a lake. All season long, we have seen snowmobilers go streaking across our Big Bear Lake. Ice fisherman have made the lake their home with their fishing holes and ice shanties. I’ve learned about fat-tire biking which enables you to go bike riding in the snow. I’ve also made friends who regularly snowshoe and cross-country ski (three of them are pictured below). These activities are much more inviting to me now that I know how to stay warm. There are about six more weeks of winter weather here at Bear Lake Getaway in Johannesburg. Let me know in the comments what your favorite winter activities are. Our bed and breakfast is open and accommodations are available.

If you like to walk, snowshoe, or have cross-country skis, Louis Groen Nature Preserve is close to our property and has groomed trails for you to enjoy. The area encompasses Johannesburg Lake and is simply gorgeous to behold. The map I’m showing is a bit outdated, but it gives you a good idea of the layout. They even allow equestrian riding in the warmer months.

There is still time to visit and enjoy our winter wonderland up north. CLICK HERE to visit our website and schedule a time to come and visit with us. We will make sure you have a fabulous time.



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