Are you really ever finished updating your home? When you're renovating, how do you know when enough is enough? Quitting before you injure your spouse is a good option, lol. But seriously, I think we've just about called it quits for now. We want our guests to look forward to their next visit, so they can see the changes we've made in their absence. We're still looking forward to new landscaping, painting the kitchen, and staining the deck to mention a few unfinished projects. For now, the property is ready for guests! CLICK HERE to view our rooms and book your stay!

Renovations complete...for now.

While summer is definitely the busy season, September and October are also popular for northern Michigan destinations. The fall season boasts the most gorgeous backdrop for sightseeing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and more. Fall color tours are also popular, as well as driving the Tunnel of Trees in Harbor Springs. I mention this now because more people have inquired about fall bookings than summer. Check your calendar and get on our books now if you're planning a fall getaway. When we lived downstate, we couldn't wait for our annual trip up north to see the colors. Should you choose to stay with us here at Bear Lake Getaway in Johannesburg, Mi, we can't wait to treat you to an awesome experience!


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